Friday, April 11, 2014

I Am No Longer With BeachBody

That's right longer a BeachBody Coach!

I received an email stating that my participation with It Works is however not violating their policy they were still taking action and they terminated my benefits and as long as I'm involved with another company (even though coaches are permitted) I will not be eligible for any such benefits, leads, rewards etc. or be allowed to attend any events associated with Beach Body.

Needless to say I was reported by someone, and as much as I'd like to be pissed off...which I was for a whole 30mins. I'm more hurt than anything else. I've poured my heart and soul into that company and gave them so much of my time. Now, I'm being backed up against a wall and having everything I've worked my ass off for being taken away from me. Ain't that some fucked up bullshit.

Whoever hates me THAT much to screen shot an It Works post and send it to Beach Body clearly can hate me, I really don't give a shit...BUT it didn't only effect me, my team, clients, and it's now effected my entire family. That's food off my table. So thank you hating ass jealous bitch...I hope you succeed in life and then go to hell.

Will I rise above this...fuck yeah I will. I was doing ok before Beach Body and I'll do perfectly fine without them. As you all know I was NOT Beach Body made, I did my journey solo. I was only with Beach Body for a 8 weeks so it's not a complete fucking loss. At least I wasn't a year into it right! Haha

Does this situation suck balls...oh fuck yeah LOL. But I refuse to let it slow me down and I will keep doing what I've always done. Inspire and motivate. I did that WAY before this company and will keep going strong.

And to set shit straight my entire purpose for joining BOTH in the first place was NOT to double dip, but to offer more to you guys. I used the products and it's helped me so in turn I wanted to help others too. My intention was to never appear to be double teaming shit. So if you think that you're fucking wrong. My main drive behind anything I've done is to share what I've done in my own journey.

Do I still love Beach Body...clearly not after them low balling my ass. I love the fitness programs they offer, they do work and they're fucking awesome. I will continue to do my fitness programs I already have but I will no longer be drinking Shakeology. It's a personal choice. I do LOVE the shit, but I won't be giving to a company that clearly does not support their coaches, or customers even though they state they do.


Another ending in just a small chapter in my book. There's so much more to be written.